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We could not be happier with our little guy, Murphy!  Labradors are the only dogs I’ve had since I was a kid and I can tell you, hands down, that Murphy has the best temperament of all of them. He’s calm, sweet, handsome and smart. He’s also playful, engaging and gets along well with all other dogs. Our friends cannot believe he’s a four month old lab because he doesn’t act crazy – no nipping or jumping. We describe him as “chill”! Joanne did a wonderful job raising the puppies in her home with lots of love and attention.  She and Murphy’s mom, Hazel, gave him a wonderful foundation to become this excellent family dog! Joanne is very professional, maintains an immaculate whelping area and was very accommodating when we came to visit the litter. Her love of the dogs is so evident when you talk to her on the phone and visit her home. I would highly recommend Little Acres Labradors if you are looking for a great experience and a wonderful addition to your family!

– Mindy Conway, Centreville, VA

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My family's experience with LittleAcre Labradors has been wonderful from the start. We were able to visit the puppies a few times and see all that they do to prepare the puppies for their new homes, from the stimulating play to preparing them for grooming (regularly touching their paws, ears, mouth, tail) to being crate trained. Piper easily adjusted to our home, her new crate, and us. Being first-time puppy owners, we have been able to get much needed advice from Joanne regarding caring for her, lab-related behavior, and early training issues. We have even been able to bring Piper back for a few visits, which has been a lot of fun for her and for us! We really appreciate how thorough Joanne is in caring for her labs and puppies, her concern for the puppies going to good homes, and her continued interest in how Piper is doing. If we ever decide to get another puppy, we will definitely go back to Joanne at LittleAcre Labradors. We heartily recommend her to anyone interested in getting a lab puppy!

– Julia M., Fauquier County, VA

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We are thrilled with the experience our family had with LittleAcre Labradors.   Our black lab puppy, Barley, is now four months old and she is everything that Joanne Charles described!  Barley is highly intelligent, trainable, playful, and cuddly.  Barely is very well socialized and loves to be around people and other dogs.  She is very friends and social.  She is wonderful with children and is learning quickly how to be a very well behaved and fun-loving member of our household.   


LittleAcre Labradors and Joanne have continued to provide support to us since we brought Barley home.  Joanne checks in regularly and is always available to answer questions and provide tips for new puppy parents.  The love and care Barley received as a puppy set her up to be a wonderful pet for our family.  I highly recommend LittleAcre Labradors to anyone looking for an addition to their family.


– Amy Goodloe, Fairfax, VA 


When we lost our family dog three years ago we knew we didn’t just want to have any new family member. I did a lot of research into adopting from a pound or going through a breeder. With having a young son at home he was a little under 2 at the time. I wanted to make sure we had a family friend we could trust that had been raised well. That’s when we found Joanne and LittleAcre Labradors. When we met her and saw the house and met the puppies it was love. We went with the idea of what we wanted but trusted in her judgment and ended up with our girl Zuma. Jace and Zuma have since grown up together. They play together, rest together, and go on adventures together. We are very lucky to have her in our lives. She has so much love to give.

– Jennifer Swart, Harper's Ferry

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I truly cannot say enough good things about Little Acre Labradors and I highly recommend them if you are looking for your next family member. I spent many months talking and visiting with different Labrador breeders. I knew after talking with Joanne that I was in good hands and so was my puppy. Joanne took the time to talk with me, FaceTime with me, send me photos and videos of my puppy as he grew, and even continued to contact me after we adopted our “Bear” to make sure we didn’t need anything. The time Joanne spent with our puppy was evident as soon as we brought him home. She had already begun working on potty training with him and worked on introducing him to all sorts of stimuli. This was especially helpful when it came to training Bear. He is intelligent, calm, sweet, and so good with our two young boys. We could not be happier with our sweet Bear!


– Patti Bulgin, Raleigh, N.C.  

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I could not be more pleased with our handsome Labrador, Cody, from LittleAcre Labradors. He is a tremendous dog with a perfect temperament.  He is beautiful, smart, loving, and well balanced. Countless people have complemented his good looks and his sweet demeanor. Joanne took the time to learn about our needs, and chose a pup from the litter who suited the needs of our family and our son. LittleAcre Labradors socialized him and accustomed him to all sorts of stimuli and handling, so he adjusted incredibly well to his new life with us. He faces each new situation with cheerful interest and enthusiasm.

– Karen Rockwell, Malden, Massachusetts