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AKC # SR 79457001

Everyone who meets Hazel says “She is so sweet!”. She loves to retrieve, “hunt” for hidden stuffed toys, jump in the pool and catch balls, sit quietly in the sun, nurture her puppies and teach them games, and loves children. Hazel has a beautiful face and sleek, fast body, she can change from a soft, loving expression to a lazer-focused stare at a ball in a split second. She is patient and kind to other animals, including our cats and handles all her toys with gentle care. Hazel has recently been retired from our breeding program, but we are proud to announce that we are actively using a three year old male pup from Hazel's Litter #4, LittleAcre's Conway Murphy SS05465102, as a stud to our Heartride's Kilkenny Hannah. 

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AKC # SR 95691901

Colleen is our “shadow” girl, going everywhere we are, and preferably right by our side at a desk, or on a chair, sofa, or bed. She loves to play with our youngest girl, Hannah and comes instantly when called. She loves rollicking in the pastures and forests. Colleen just finished her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certification and is starting Rally training for competition. We are sorry to announce that Colleen has been retired from our breeding program due to  complications from her first pregnancy, rendering her sterile. 

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AKC # SS 01331504

Hannah is our newest addition to LittleAcre Labradors. She joined us from Heartride Labradors as a nine week old puppy and is busy with obedience training, riding in the car, splashing in every puddle she can find, licking and kissing, licking and kissing, and did we say licking and kissing everyone? We call her “Happy Hannah” and are pleased to announce that she has completed her Canine Good Citizenship Certification with flying colors. She is currently our main breeding female and has whelped two fine litters. One of her puppies, LittleAcre's Desmond Doss was accepted into MK9's Service Dogs and is doing very well 10 months into his training with his assigned wounded veteran. Hannah is being bred to LittleAcre's Conway Murphy SS05465102. See below image. Murphy is now three years old and has passed all of his health clearances for full genetic screens, cardiac, PennHip, Elbows and CERF ophthalmology exams. Murphy is owned by Mindy Conway of Centreville, VA. 

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