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Breeding Program

Pups are handled with loving care from birth and well socialized to a home environment. Whelping boxes are placed both in the family room as well as a dedicated dog breeding room, to allow for maximum observation and contact with family members. Early scent and neuro-stimulation are introduced to promote neurodevelopment and confidence.

When the pups are old enough, they are transitioned to an indoor puppy pen with litter boxes and interactive toys, as well as a large outdoor puppy recreation area to stimulate proper brain and physical growth and development. Crate and house training are initiated along with mock “vet exams” and nail clipping to acclimate them to physical examination. Puppy visits after four weeks are encouraged and Joanne is happy to provide mentoring to first time puppy owners. 


Relationship building is a foundational principle at LittleAcre Labradors, between breeders and puppies, owners and puppies, and breeders and owners. Visits from prospective clients are always welcome. We look forward to conversations with prospective owners and happily answer any questions.

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LittleAcre Labradors is proud to have received a "Bred With H.E.A.R.T." designation from the American Kennel Club.