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We are sorry, LittleAcre Labrador puppy reservations are full through 2022 at this time. 

The overarching goal at LittleAcre Labradors is to have happy and successful puppy owners, who will go on to enjoy many, many years with a very special bond they create with a dog from LittleAcre Labradors.

We are "hobby" breeders", breeding to produce healthy dogs with happy dispositions and trainable for retrieving and interactive play, with an intent to provide the ideal family pet. We strive to achieve excellence in temperament with a loving, intelligent and gentle Dam and breed carefully to Sires with proven steady, affectionate, intelligent and confident temperaments. 


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we are

Hobby Breeders

We believe all dogs deserve loving owners, and all owners deserve loving, obedient dogs that will complement each individual client’s needs. We strive to support this belief through close observation of puppy temperaments, puppy aptitude testing and careful matching with clients’ lifestyles and preferences. 

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